A UAE Company specialized in connecting the whole business parties from any place to maintain great business chances and make sure of both parties benefits we started 2011, our experience started years before.

Kerogen oil and gas Company capabilities consists of a network of professionals with Importing Oil & Gas Equipment, importing and selling oil products, Representation Companies and Undertaking and sub- contracting. experience working in the oil and gas Services. Our professionals serve a wide range of companies: independent exploration and production companies, oilfield services companies, independent refiners, major integrated corporations and national oil companies.


KEROGEN oil and gas Company is active in various and different fields , and since it was opened and it kept expanding whereat the company added a bigger fields through the decades until it became from the biggest company in UAE and all of the company’s activities are mentioned in here :

o-Importing and Selling Oil Products
o- Importing and Exporting Oil & Gas Spare parts
o- Importing and Exporting Oil & Gas Equipment
o- Commercial Agencies
o- Construction and Maintenance
o- Funding
o- Companies Representation
o- Exploration and Production
o- Investment
o- Undertaking And Sub- Contracting

Where we operate?

“With locations around UAE, Kerogen Company has a footprint and a local presence.”